Live Green Live Lindy

Living Green at the Towers at Wyncote

Through our efforts, we have reduced consumption of water, electricity and natural gas by an average of 40% in each Cheltenham, PA apartment at the Towers at Wyncote. With the reduction in consumption, our residents have also benefited from a reduction in their utility costs. We have invested in the following upgrades and additions at the Towers at Wyncote to aid in the reduction of our community’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment:

State-of-the-Art Heating and Cooling Systems

New heating and air conditioning systems have been added to each building to improve the carbon footprint of every Cheltenham, PA apartment resulting in a 40% reduction in consumption and reduced energy costs to residents.

Water Conservation Program

Upgrades to water efficient Kitchen and Bathroom fixtures have resulted in a 40% reduction in consumption and a reduced utility cost to residents.

State-of-the-Art Hot Water System

New hot water systems have been added to each building, resulting in a 50% reduction in natural gas consumption and a reduced energy cost to residents

Electricity Sourced from 100% Renewable Sources

Lindy Communities has partnered with New America Power to provide 100% Renewable Wind Energy to the Towers at Wyncote.

Upgrades to Energy Efficient Lighting

Installation of LED lighting in all common areas, including lobbies and hallways.

Lindy Bicycle Exchange Program

Residents have access and are encouraged to utilize the complementary bicycles and helmets to explore the community.

Four Star Windows and Patio Doors

Windows and doors have already been updated in Tower II and plans are underway to update Towers I & III in the near future. The upgrade has already resulted in a measurable reduction in energy consumption.

Electric Car Charging Station

A charging station is located at the Leasing Center and available for residents use.

The Lindy Commitment to Sustainable Living

The Lindy Communities Team is a leader in developing and implementing green initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia market. We believe, as property owners and managers, we are responsible for creating a sustainable environment for thousands of our residents and their families. That’s why your Cheltenham, PA apartment will have the very best in environmentally friendly materials and appliances. Lindy Communities strives to maximize every opportunity to reserve a better place to live for our future generations.

We are dedicated to providing leadership, guidance and service to reduce environmental impacts, support sustainable business practices and improve our communities’ carbon foot print.