The Towers at Wyncote Dog Park

When looking to move with your beloved pet, there’s often more to consider than just the accommodations. Expanding your search to pet-friendly apartments with spacious floor plans near Philadelphia dog parks not only allows you to find the best apartment home for you and your furry friend, but it also lets you know that your pet will have a safe space to enjoy outside.

Why is a dog park important? When you have a dog that is sociable, there’s often nothing more enjoyable than watching him or her play with other dogs – especially if they don’t have a furry companion at home. A good dog park will have plenty of open, green space that your dog will be able to run around in, complete with fencing that has no sharp points, is high enough not to scale, and without gaps large enough for any dog to squeeze through. The park should be clean and debris free to protect your pup’s paws from getting torn up and their stomachs from digesting things that they should not. It should also have materials for cleaning up after your dogs, such as bags and garbage cans, which is essential to basic good health for both animals and humans.

Another factor to look for in an ideal dog park is separated areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs. As different sizes tend to play in different ways, this prevents any unnecessary injuries and attacks, depending on the temperament of the other dogs. Apartments with dog parks, particularly on hot and sunny Philadelphia days, should also have sufficient shaded areas, through the use of strategically placed trees and/or awning-covered pavilions.

In addition to the quality community features specifically for you, the Towers at Wyncote offers an excellent dog park on our beautifully landscaped property in Montgomery County. Just 13 miles from Center City, you and your pets can enjoy a variety of animal-friendly destinations and activities, including the Schuylkill River Dog Park along the waterfront or any number of the area’s expansive green spaces.

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